This method of treatment involves inhaling and exhaling of medicinal smoke. It is a fine treatment for various sinus and respiratory diseases. Acute sinusitis, asthma, sneezing, infections of the lower respiratory tract, cough etc. are treated using Dhoomapanam.The removal of mucous toxins also rejuvenates the person’s mental status and provides him with ample freshness. The smoke helps to dry the excessive mucous, and also lowers pain-causing inflammations of the sinus cavities and respiratory tract. The herbs and spices used here have special properties to act against these mucous wastes. Spices and herbs such as,horsegram,longpepper, guggul,Aconite,Albizzia tree, cardamom seed, turmeric, lac stick, garlic, liquorice, etc. are finely ground and mixed with oil and ghee. It is then made into a pencil form, dried in shade, and further used for the smoking.The treatment “Nasyam” or nasal application of herbal oil is done prior to Dhoomapanam and forms the initial part of this therapy. It is done to drain out the excessive mucous clogs. The next step is the inhalation part. Inhalation is done using a special tube of defined size and exhalation is done only through the mouth. The process is repeated 8 to 15 times in a day and continued for up to 4 days for effective cure. The outcome of such continuous treatments shows positive results in stopping sinusitis and certain respiratory ailments. The inflammations are reduced, recurrence of the disease is prevented, and production of excess mucous is also stopped.
• Acute sinusitis • Asthma • Sneezing • Infections of the Upper & lower respiratory tract • Cough • Acute Sinusitis • Rhinitis • Nasal polyps • Head ache

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