Back Pain
Reasons: 1.Inter vestibular disc prolapse(IVDP) 2. local leasions like:- Congenital, functional defect. Inflamatory,Degenerative,Neoplastic. 3. Remote leasions like:- Abdominal dustiness Pelvic disorders . Genitourinary Both children and adults affects. Common back pains. Mechanical back pain IVDP Spondylolythesis Spinal fracture Ankylosing Spondylosis TB Pyogenic Spinal stenosis SYMPTOMS Severe pain radiating to legs . Increases in sneezing and coughing. Numbness. Weakness may occur due to hernia ion of disc. Reetal pain. Prakrithi Back Pain Clinic Offers effective treatments for all this problems. OP management IP management manipulating with Marmma technique Treatment for restoration of Spinal structure. Strengthens ligament and muscles . Relives complete pain and Numbness.

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