Prakrithe Ayurveda Hospital is one of the leading ISO 9001-2015 Certified Diabetic and Orthopedic Ayurveda treatment centre in south Kerala. The      concept of prakrithe came into existence as a result of the long cherished dream by Dr. SHAFI TASHKENT, who has been practicing  spinal disorders  without surgery for the last 27 years. And also done an admirable growth in the field of diabetes by treating with Prakrithe Patent medicine Kalmeha.  You can never believe without an own experience his God’s gift for healing power with his magic fingers.

 The secret of his success as a practitioner was nothing but the rare manuscripts and traditional text books left with the demise of his grandfather. The  legacy passed to him took to another level by ordain his grandfather’s ways along with the observations, learning and the experiments together made  him a legendary figure among the physicians of ayurveda.


 Time and Tide Never Waits…

 Prakrithe now become one of the largest Holistic Ayurvedic treatment centre in South Kerala. You will never feel Prakrithe as hospital, but surely  experience a homely atmosphere.
 Now prakrithe has got its own medicine for Spinal disorders, Diabetes, Obesity, Sexual Problems, Allergic disorders, Postnatal care, Alcoholism,  Alopecia and Cosmetic Treatment. weare offering unique treatments for Piles, Asthma, Heart diseases, Liver diseases, Hairfall and Pimples.

Our Vision:

To be the innovator in Ayurvedic Research and Development, with a mélange of modern and traditional Ayurveda. To adopt modern scientific application and process, in natural abstraction, in turn produce the best medical products that add value to the mankind, for a comfortable living.

Our Policy:

Prakrithe is committed to manufacture and produce Natural and Ayurvedic products to cater medical and personal needs.
Products are branded and patented, for trust building, authenticity and reliability.
Timely delivery of quality products and services.
Quality interaction with stakeholders, for further decision- making and development.
Create a work environment and culture to promote initiation, innovation and teamwork for better productivity.
Establish measurable quality management system and adherence to achieve continual improvement.
Provide result oriented treatment with standardized techniques for the diseases using Ayurveda & research
Develop hospital & clinic network across the state with the support of well trained doctors, qualified staff to serve healthy living.

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